July 20, 2021

Rider using the right hand to pick up a cup on the left. There is no switching hands in Working Equitation

Switching hands in Working Equitation is a DQ (disqualification).

Although many levels allow you to use 2 hands on the reins. You must use the same hand throughout the course to handle the obstacles or you will be DQ'd (disqualified) from that trial.

The Switch Cup, may be on the opposite side to your working hand, and even high-level riders in a hurry have been known to make the mistake of reaching up with the closest hand.

One way to remember is to carry a whip in the non-obstacle working hand.
It will remind you that hand is full so you use the other one.

Tell me below how you've been DQ'd for switching hands, or how you make sure you aren't.

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Trish Hyatt

International Coach and Clinician
National and International Top 10 Competitor
Technical Delegate and Judge of Working Equitation

Trish's superpower is the ability to give you and your horse what you need, in a way that you understand, so each horse and rider makes progress and knows what they need to work on.

She puts her many skills to use introducing the international discipline of Working Equitation to riders eager to improve their partnership with their horse, with a focus on fun, classical horsemanship and use of the horse for practical work or as cross-training for other disciplines.

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