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Learn the ins and outs of WE.

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Master details, grow your bond and have fun with your horse.

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Are you looking for exciting and fun ways to teach your horse skills? 
Skills that give purpose to your everyday practice!

You may have tried to learn more about Working Equitation, but you see these videos on YouTube and think, I can't do that.

Maybe you've tried obstacles but your horse had trouble doing some of them.
You might feel like either your horse isn't good enough, or you aren't.
And that's just plain wrong.

I believe any horse can benefit from learning Working Equitation skills.
And Working Equitation can also help you strengthen your relationship with your horse.
As you break your new goals into manageable, fun, easily accomplished tasks, it allows you and your horse to be successful, together.

Beginner spearing bull ring

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What I do

Help you learn how to...

  • Communicate more clearly with your horse.
    To develop a better relationship and improve your skills for any discipline.
  • Understand both the basic and the technical parts of  Working Equitation,
    to the degree that suits you, whether you are a beginner or a pro.
    Increase your fun with your horse in a way that lets them have fun too!
  • Measure and improve your horse's current level of training using Working Equitation obstacles and skills.  No matter what your current discipline, you and your horse will have a greater variety of tools.  More fun = Less Boring.

No matter where you are in the world.


Everyday people can develop extraordinary horses.

  • At Working Equitation Simplified you get the skills and support to assess where your horse is currently at. Measure progress, and know your next steps. I guide you to become thinking horse-people.

  • There are no gimmicks used, no quick fixes. It's about developing the building blocks, starting with a strong foundation. That way your horse is ready and able to do whatever you ask of them.

  • Your horse will develop in it's own way, in it's own time. There is no one size fits all.
    Each horse and rider pair have different goals, available time, motivation, and skill set s and that is where youwill start from.

  • The programs help you move from where you are now, towards your personal goals.
    Whether your goal is a National championship, enjoying time with your friends or improving your horse's health.

Lucie Klaassen introduces Seni to the bull.

I promise neither of you will feel lost or pressured

WHy me?

You will benefit from the variety of my years of experience.

Helping horses to be able to do what their person wants is why I started teaching. And why I've created online courses, including Working Equitation Mastery.

If you're like me, you may prefer to participate in a variety of disciplines, and not specialize in one.
But you might sometimes feel like you don't really fit in anywhere, like you're floating.

As a rider, this may contribute to a lack of focus, confusion, and lack of motivation, bouncing between this and that and a lot of conflicting information.

As a coach, this can make it harder to attract new people for lessons because they think they should have a discipline specific coach and don't see the value of your diversity.

Often people that come to WE had plans of riding a specific discipline and found out their horse did not share their plans, or was not considered 'suitable' for that discipline.

If any of this sounds like you, Working Equitation could be the perfect answer.
Because of the variety of tasks in WE, all horses will find at least one part they can excel at, which then motivates them and their riders to work on improving the other parts.

When you're ready to know more about Working Equitation,
my courses will provide variety and direction.

I help you and your horse be extraordinary, together!

If we haven't met you can learn more about me and why I believe in Working Equitation on the About page.

Horse stepping up on bridge. Mastery begins with a single step. Choose yours!

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What they say

Lisa Camp

The Working Equitation training available from Trish Hyatt is wonderful!

WE Mastery includes so much more than just working equitation, but also horsemanship that will make you a better rider.

Laura Addington

I like that you don't just say what went wrong "visually". I can often see that for myself.

What I value are your comments on how to FIX what went wrong and WHY it might have gone wrong.

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