My mission is to offer a fun, achievable way, for you to develop both horse and rider skills.
Horse owners and coaches will both enjoy using the Obstacle and Dressage based sport of Working Equitation.

My programs will help horse and rider find balance so no matter what you ask your horse to do they are mentally and physically prepared. Whatever discipline you choose to pursue you'll enjoy more years of riding, together.

Rider Carrying Garrocha

"Thank you for all I managed to pick up from your Working Equitation Mastery, Course design and rider strategy, your free tips and discussions.
Without you we would have stayed the big wonky draft (half Clydesdale, half hackney horse).
Now we made L2 Grand Champion Region 6" 

Francine King ‧ Working Equitation Mastery Student

Your Instructor, Trish Hyatt and Pearl

Hi, I'm Trish Hyatt. I'm so excited you're interested in Working Equitation and it's benefits, and that I can help you on your journey.

If you've been around Working Equitation you'll understand what I'm about to say and if you're new to it, you'll soon discover what I mean when I say,
"I could not have been more excited to discover Working Equitation".

I first saw it while attending the Pin Oak charity horse show in Texas to promote my Equestrian Aquatics online fitness course."

And my first thought was,
"Oh my goodness, this sport uses everything I already know and teach".

Students with ribbons after show

I could see how much fun the horses in the show were having, and I've always enjoyed working with obstacles.
I could see how technical it was, and I'm attracted to that.

But I could also see that riders could participate without having to know a lot, and enjoy themselves.
They could choose to learn about the more technical side if they wanted to progress further with their horses.

I couldn't wait to get home and dive into this discipline and introduce my students to it.

I'm from Canada and at that time, there was no national organization here.
Almost no one was doing it yet and there was very little information on the internet.
So I attended my first of two Judging seminars in the US with Portuguese Judge trainers.

The people I met were so inviting and friendly, something I've not always experienced in other disciplines.

At that seminar I got my Technical Delegates license, and made some amazing international friends.

Later that year I borrowed a young green trail horse and competed at the US Nationals and A rated show and we won our division.

Again, I couldn't believe how friendly and helpful riders of all levels were.

Teaching at CNC Oregon

Meanwhile I helped to found the National organization in Canada and served as a director until recently when my teaching commitments made that too challenging.

The second year, I took my own horse down to the Cross-Nationals Camp and Cup in the US which is a 4 day camp followed by a show.

I was invited to teach during the camp and made even more friends from the US, Australia and New Zealand.

Although my own horse came in 3rd in the Intermediate A level, I was very proud of him for his first Working Equitation show. You can see in the picture below, with the blue drums and turquoise shirt, that he was enjoying it as much as I was.

Trish Hyatt Spear Ring

While this is the fastest growing discipline, it can still be hard to find people in your area that have the knowledge of what the discipline is, and how to prepare a horse for it. Or how useful and fun it is for cross-training. 

That's why I create online courses to help people learn about this sport that is achievable by all types and levels of horses.

Once I found this discipline that excited me so much, the things I needed to know fell into place for me quickly, and I've been sharing it with as many people as I can on five continents.

Now that you've found Working Equitation if you decide like me that this is what you've been looking for, then through my programs I'm going to guide you through the levels based on what you and your horse need.

Whether you want to enjoy it at a fun level, a learning level, a competitive level and even advance to a professional level.
You'll be pleasantly surprised how quickly you can make progress while having fun when "your practice has a purpose."

Because of the diversity of my past, I can help you whether you're new and just checking it out, your looking to improve your horse's skills,  you want to finally win your WE competition, or you're looking to incorporate WE into your profession.

Technical Delegate Certificate
WEDU Judges Certificate
Top 10 in 2019
Student Testimonial Picture

The Working Equitation training available from Trish Hyatt is wonderful! The detailed information is divided into lessons that are easy to understand... includes so much more than just working equitation, but also horsemanship that will make you a better rider.

LIsa Camp ‧ Working Equitation Mastery Student

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