Working Equitation Simplified

Online education for detail oriented horse owners looking for a fun new multi-discipline, multi-phase, multi-level sport, that's excellent cross-training too. 

What I do

I help riders all over the world learn how to...

  • Communicate more clearly with their horses.
    To develop a better relationship and improve their skills for any discipline.
  • Understand both the basic and the technical parts of  Working Equitation.
    To increase your Fun with Your horse.
    Whether you are a beginner or a pro.
  • Understand how to measure your horses current level of training using Working Equitation skills.  So no matter what your discipline, your horse has a Fun way to work on improving.

what I Believe

I Believe Everyday People Can Develop Extraordinary Horses

Without either of them Feeling Lost or Pressured

  • At Working Equitation Simplified you get the skills and support to assess where your horse is at currently, measure progress, and know your next steps. I guide you to become a thinking horse-people.

  • There are no gimmicks used, no quick fixes. It's about developing the building blocks.
    Starting with a strong foundation. So your horse is ready and able to do whatever you ask of them.

  • Your horse will develop in it's own way, in it's own time. There is no one size fits all.
    Each horse and rider pair have different goals, available time, motivation, and skill sets.

  • The programs help you move from where you are now, towards your personal goals.
    Whether your goal is a National championship, enjoying time with your friends or improving your horse's health.

Programs & Resources

Free Educational Articles

My latest endeavor in an attempt to answer some of the many questions I receive, is to write a blog. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it for you. Feel free to submit your questions and I may be able to write a blog on them as well. Some are listed below or you can access them "HERE".

Q&A's, Webinars and Challenges

Throughout the year, various, webinars, Q&A's and challenges are offered. Past recordings of some are included Free when you sign up for 'Education & Updates' or are added to course lessons.
The webinars are a great introduction to Working Equitation and WE Obstacles, with more to come on specific topics.
The Q&A's, often with other WE professionals are an opportunity for riders of all levels to get their questions answered
The challenges are a great way to focus on one task and can help to keep you motivated in the off season.

If you aren't already registered, make sure you sign up to be notified when new Q&A's, Webinars and Challenge are available, "HERE".


The courses section of the website has both Free and Premium courses on various topics and price points. Here are some of them.

  • There's an introduction to Working Equitation Rider Strategy with Elements of Course Design, or you can take both Course Design and/or Rider Strategy to the next level with specific mapping assignments and feedback. Let me help you think about possible course lines a different way, while improving your knowledge of the rules
  • For the horse person with limited money and resources, there's a DIY Working Equitation course that gives you diagrams to set up for practice. The video clips of common errors help you recognize, and avoid them.
    It uses simple stations of readily available materials to help you practice many of the obstacles in limited space.
  •  My flagship course is "Working Equitation Mastery From Intro to Show". 
    It takes you from where you are now, to the next level.
    It is suitable for people with no experience with Working Equitation. As well as those with a lot of experience, who may be stuck at their level and not sure how to help their horse succeed.
    Each of the individual Course pages shows the benefits and/or curriculum of the course to help you decide if it's right for you. You can choose one "HERE".


Members of courses and programs through Working Equitation Simplified may receive "In Course" personal support and Video Assessments.  

In addition, I offer in-person clinics throughout the year to riders of all levels, and would love to do one at your place.

To submit a question or request, please use this form and be very detailed "HERE".


We demand Balance, Suppleness and Engagement (Core-Stability) from our horses, but if we are not equally fit, they can not do their job. We are often weaker, stiffer, and even heavier on one side of our body.
I've successfully addresses these problems using the dynamic environment of the water. It simulates riding, while allowing time to become clear on what you are feeling in your body. For your horse's sake, please check it out "HERE".


What they say

Lisa Camp

The Working Equitation training available from Trish Hyatt is wonderful!

The detailed information is divided into lessons that are easy to understand, with diagrams, instructions and demos included, ridden by fellow WE enthusiasts.

Working Equitation Simplified includes so much more than just working equitation, but also horsemanship that will make you a better rider.

Laura Addington

I like that you don't just say what went wrong "visually". I can often see that for myself, what I value are your comments on how to FIX what went wrong and why it might have gone wrong.

I have read every WE Obstacle lesson, multiple times. I find them to be very valuable.

Love the Beyond Basics Lessons! Its not just about "doing" the obstacle, these lessons are the foundation of completing all obstacles successfully and correctly.


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Free Course Design (and riding) Tips
 with Map case study . For Judges, Officials and Riders.

Introduction to Working Equitation.

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Introduction to Working Equitation Obstacles.

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