Steering Problems?

Can your riders ride precisely where they're supposed to?

Discover how to use simple obstacles within your discipline, so your students can 

  • See when they are correctly positioned
  • Measure any deviation
  • Correct errors

Making you look brilliant, without having to constantly repeat yourself.

Adding Obstacle work to your lessons is:
The most fun way to add precision to your program
so that your students progress faster,
and you can take the well deserved credit.

Do your students struggle to ride a good centerline in dressage because they don't notice or correct soon enough before the horse drifts?

Use the single pole exercise to test and measure: Go, Stop, Immobility, and Straightness.  
Increase their control and safety no matter what discipline they ride.

Are your horsemanship students frustrated because they still can't ride a round circle?

Do your barrel racing or jumping students drift sideways on a turn and lack power because the hindquarters and shoulders are not aligned?

Use the two barrels exercise (or similar markers) to improve: Bend, Turns and Lateral Movements with less repetition, saving time and minds, because they can see what they need to fix.

Join Me for this Live Online Interactive Workshop and Q&A
with follow-up Implementation week.

 Share how you're using these obstacles,
ask questions and get more ideas.

Lifetime Access to the Recordings and Lessons.

Do your students need to 'see' where they are because they can't 'feel' it yet?

Are you running out of ways to word your instructions because some students just don't get it?

Use these lessons as a visual aid that facilitates feel, to enhance and add purpose to the skills you already teach.

Are you unsure exactly what skill your students should focus on to make the most progress? 

Would you like them to practice correctly between lessons so they make faster progress, and you look brilliant?

Use the two exercises in this workshop as an assessment tool. Set measurable goals and help your students celebrate their progress.

Does one lesson feel just like the next?
Are you getting bored? 

Are you smiling when you teach?
 Why not?

Add the obstacles from this workshop into your lessons for variety or plan a fun group mini-clinic and enjoy light-bulbs coming on for your students. 

The Master Circles and Centerlines Workshop

will be offered two times
(but I've got you covered if you can't make it then)

May 25th at 5pm PDT which is May 26th 12am UTC
May 27th at 11:00am  PDT which is May 27th 6pm UTC

convert time here:

Join us and ask questions specific to these obstacles, and your discipline.
Allow 2 hours in your schedule as the teaching will be about 1 hour and there will be two Q&A's.

If you can't make it at those times, no problem.
You get lifetime access to the Workshop and Q&A recordings, and all lesson materials.

Early Bird Special On Now.  Only $27  
Spaces Limited by delivery platform.

Your Instructor, Trish Hyatt and Pearl

Hi I'm Trish Hyatt

I didn't start out to be a coach. All my life I was a horse trainer and problem solver. I was the one that other trainers, coaches, farriers and vets recommended when their owners were stuck, so I worked with horses from a lot of disciplines. 

Many of the horses I was called to help belonged to people that were in the top of their discipline but when you are an expert in something, sometimes it's hard to think outside the box. 

I became a coach as I realized how important it was to not create problems in the first place and I needed to share what I know.

I've always used obstacles in training because they are a great test of where the horse is at or the horse and rider partnership.

The last few years I have specialized in Working Equitation obstacles because of the precision that is required in the riding and judging. They are scored as a dressage test is, with a standard set of obstacles used world-wide and the same requirements for quality performance.

To my lifetime of training horses and working with coaches from different disciplines, I added to my skills becoming an International Coach and Clinician, National and International Top 10 Competitor and a Technical Delegate and Judge of Working Equitation.

It is this combination of skills and diversity that makes me a coach that can speak to you, where you are at now, help you find better ways to reach your students, help you help them progress and build a stronger business.

I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you in this workshop.


What they say

Alla Cline

I must take this opportunity to tell you how amazing your course is!   The amount of information and lesson content is extraordinary!     Kudos to you for all your work and efforts!  

DEanna Durst

This week far exceeded any expectations. I connected so many dots in what was missing from several years of lessons. Incredibly grateful to you, Trish, for the time & dedication you’ve given to us "

As an instructor or coach your time is valuable and I don't want to waste it. 
This workshop will be all teaching and answering your questions.
After it ends, for those that are interested, I have an offer for you to learn more.

Early Bird Special On Now.  Only $27  
Spaces Limited by delivery platform.

Keep your riders challenged and engaged, so they keep booking more lessons!

Make horse/rider challenges fun to solve for you and your students!

Learn how to incorporate obstacles into your lesson plan,
so you can deliver better results with less frustration!