What the Heck is Working Equitation  -  Free Webinar

For the New & Not So New to Working Equitation!

‚ÄčJoin me for a brief view into the

4 phases of Working Equitation, suitable for all horses.

  • Any Breed, Any Tack

    English, Western, Spanish...  as long as your tack is of one tradition, it is probably suitable for Working Equitation.
  • 7 Progressive Levels

    From Intro Walk/Trot  to Master level, with all obstacles done in canter with one hand on the reins. There's a level for everyone.
  • Working Dressage

    Simply riding specific gaits and patterns, at specific markers with the aim to improve your horse's training and health.
  • Ease of Handling - Obstacles judged like dressage

    How much finesse can you show while working a specific set of numbered obstacles?

  • Obstacles at speed

    Now that you've learned the obstacles with finesse, can you go faster and not get penalties?
  • Cattle (optional)

    Only occassionally offered due to logistics. It's judged as a team event while the other phases are individual. 

About Trish Hyatt

Trainer, Coach, International Competitor, Online Course Creator, Technical Delegate and Judge. Just a few of the hats I wear.

But today I'm excited to introduce as many new people as I can reach, to the wonderful world of Working Equitation.

No matter what your current discipline, it's great cross-training but watch out or you might just get hooked like I did.

Fun with a capital F.