The What & How of Working Equitation Obstacles , Free Webinar

What Do I Set Up & How Do I Perform The Obstacles!

‚ÄčJoin me for a half hour view into what you need to set up to 
practice Working Equitation obstacles and How to perform each one.

  • Any Breed, Any Tack

    English, Western, Spanish...  as long as your tack is of one tradition, it is probably suitable for Working Equitation.
  • 7 Progressive Levels

    From Intro Walk/Trot  to Master level, with all obstacles done in canter with one hand on the reins. There's a level for everyone.
  • Ease of Handling - Obstacles judged like dressage

    How much finesse can you show while working a specific set of numbered obstacles?
    And as your skills progress you'll discover there's a lot of strategy as well to choose the best line of travel for your horse.

  • Obstacles at speed

    Can you go faster and not get penalties now that you've learned the obstacles with finesse?
    All obstacles for both phases are based on what a working horse would expect to find in the real world.

About Trish Hyatt

Trainer, Coach, International Competitor, Online Course Creator, Technical Delegate and Judge. Just a few of the hats I wear.

But today I'm excited to show you the basic requirements of riding Working Equitation obstacles.

Sometimes 'seeing' what is required  of a lower level horse helps you understand that you too can certainly participate and nothing would make me happier than to introduce you to this wonderful sport that benefits our horses so much.