Think Like a Course Designer , Free Webinar

Design, Set Up & Ride Working Equitation Courses, Better!

Thinking like a Course Designer is a valuable skill.

Join me for

15+ Tips for Designing, Setting up and Riding Working Equitation Courses

  • If you Want to be a Course Designer

    5 tips to get you started designing courses that have good flow and appropriate, not accidental challenges for the level. 
  • If you get recruited to set up courses

    5 tips to ensure everyone is happy if you are the one that is setting up the course even if you aren't the course designer.

  • If You are a Rider

    5 tips to improve your course riding by understanding what the course designer had in mind and more.
  • An easy way to learn more

    These valuable tips are a great place to start. At the end of the webinar I will share a special offer and promise with you.

About Trish Hyatt

Trainer, Coach, International Competitor, Online Course Creator, Technical Delegate and Judge. Just a few of the hats I wear.

But today I'm excited to bring you tips and a special offer that makes Working Equitation course design skills accessible for everyone.

Where you will learn by doing, through short, interactive, on-line lessons. So you can feel confident designing, setting up or riding Working Equitation courses.