Hey Fellow Working Equitation Rider

Wondering How to Train Your Horse
for Working Equitation Obstacles?

Do you struggle with knowing what to do next?
Or, If you're doing it right?

Start at your own level and work at your own pace 
in this unique 30 day online clinic.
Learn The How & Why, of Working Equitation Obstacles

Includes: How does this relate to Working Equitation rules?
The laws of physics and your horse, and More!

You've told yourself, this is the year I will:

  • Finally get my horse light and listening to my aids.
  • Improve my horse’s health by helping them be more supple and balanced.
  • Compete for the first time in Working Equitation.
  •  Be ready to move up a level.

And then time goes by and you realize you don't know:

  • How to get your horse to listen better.
  • Why the things you do don’t seem to improve how your horse goes.
  • Where to start, which steps to do first, or what those steps are.
  • What is missing or getting in the way of progressing to the next level

You are not alone. This happens to everyone.

That's why I created the
How & Why of Working Equitation Obstacles, online program.

  • A place to give you the tools you need through Videos, PDF's, Specific steps and Lessons.
  • The support of a Safe Community to ask questions and tell us of your progress and challenges.
  • Feedback on your questions and also on your video assignments.

And the Confidence that You Can Achieve Your Goals
for You, and Your horse.

This online program teaches you how to train or retrain your horse
for the obstacles used in Working Equitation Ease of Handling and Speed trials.

  •  How each obstacle is supposed to be performed 
  • How to modify for the North American lower levels. (Not in North America? No problem, the training is still useful and valuable.)
  • An innovative multi-step method with attention to detail that improves both the rider and horse.
  • Your horse improves balance and engagement, so they enjoy it as much as you do.
  • 4 week program with Full Years Access and a Private Community for your Working Equitation questions.
  • Takes you from where you are now, to understanding the best way to prepare your horse to be confident and comfortable with the obstacles.
  • If you can safely walk, stop and turn your horse. The rest we can work on.

The more time and effort you can put into the lessons and community, the faster you will progress.
Horses and people both progess better with short, targeted and consistent lessons.

I have a specific order that I teach obstacles in at a clinic, so they build on one another.
Each week I will introduce 4 or 5 different obstacles and include as many of the

5 main technical challenges as I can, for variety.

These include:

  • Bends, arcs and leads
  • Straight with a stop
  • Straight without a stop
  • Lateral movement
  • Reinback

You are encouraged to ask questions in Our Private Community related to the current
or past weeks obstacles, so you will always have lots to work on.
And you have one years access so there's no rush.

You might be wondering, How can I learn horse training within an online course?

Although a full time instructor available on your schedule can't be beat,
it's not something many of us have the luxury of.

One advantage to an online course is that the videos, audio and transcripts of the lessons are available whenever you want them.

I really dislike when a coach or a video series assume I know things. We will address the basics of training the horse and progress from there.

Each obstacle will have it's own lesson and community section making it easier to
find what you're looking for.

Unless you have a Working Equitation coach 
in your area, You're on your own.
Here you can get the help you need!

  •  My background as a horse trainer
  •  ​knowledge of the rules, and
  •  online teaching ability, with attention to detail means

You get'Virtual Coach'
when you need it.

My job is to help you train and prepare your horse to perform WE obstacles correctly,

according to the rules, for the level you're at.

If your horse is consistently scoring 8 or better on all obstacles, you may not need this program.

But if you are new and don't know what it's all about,

or experienced but not scoring as well as you could be in your level,
this program is designed for you. 

Starting at the beginning, to make sure no steps are missed.

Bonus #1

Don't have Working Equitation Obstacles to practice on?
No problem!

As your first bonus you will get my DIY WE online course
which allows you to train for many of the obstacles with very little equipment.

The ones not covered can still be introduced by recognizing their main technical challenge.
You can then set up similar tests, which we can discuss in the community.

When I teach clinics people tell me they don't have Working Equitation obstacles at home.
That is why I created the Do It Yourself Working Equitation online course.

I had a young trail horse in the US to quickly prepare for an A-rated show and didn't have any obstacles, I built some like I show you in this online course and,
We won our Novice A division.

And these practice obstacles don't take much space or time to set up.

How & Why Program Benefits

This programs format allows you to learn
 at a time that suits you

Rewatch the individual lesson as many times as you need to Understand.
Try it, Watch again, Ask Questions.

Increase confidence in your abilities &
Improve the relationship with your horse,
with less stress

For less than the cost of a clinic, It's a new clinic every week and available online at any time of the day.

Learn my Multi-step Method to introduce an obstacle to the horse so nothing is skipped that becomes an issue later.

And if weather becomes an issue, don't worry. You get one years access so follow along in the community until the weather is better.

Bonus #2

Unless you can convince your horse to watch all the videos, you are going to have to show them what to do.
That brings us to the other major advantage I've mentioned, the private community.

You can post questions, pictures and have the option of including some short videos.
 The more you ask questions, discuss and offer suggestions for other riders, the more you'll get out of this program.

In the community you'll find riders with similar challenges.

  • Some riders or horses are new to Working Equitation, or to obstacles.
  • Some horses are needing to be retrained to understand what's required and how to use their bodies better.
  • And some riders are looking for what's missing to move up a level or just understand what is required.

As a Founding Member You Get:

  •  One years access to the What & How of Working Equitation Obstacles lessons and community and special bonuses.
  •  This program will include all 19 obstacles (introduced in baby steps) to help your horse to understand what is needed, and help you to identify where it falls apart.
  •  Rules and rule exceptions depending on the level will be explained and questions welcomed and encouraged in our safe community.

Meet Trish Hyatt

Trainer, Coach, International Competitor, Online Course Creator, Technical Delegate and Judge.
Just a few of the hats I wear.

Today I'm excited to bring you a special offer that makes Working Equitation skills accessible for everyone.

You will learn through short, on-line video lessons, interacting in the community and practicing with your horse.

So you can feel confident riding Working Equitation courses.

Students of previous courses shared...

Kris Blacklock

Wisconsin, USA


"Whether your new to Working Equitation or a seasoned competitor, course benefits are boundless.
The virtual course heightens rider awareness, improves equine balance capabilities, coaches riders/horses within a shared supportive and friendly environment & provides tips to boost your confidence as you progress thru the levels."

Allison Mazurkiewicz

o/o Tall Grass Horsemanship, Fort Collins Colorado, USA

"I took this WE obstacle online course and found a new way to teach and train my horse on the obstacles, It works for all levels and all horses. It addressed the main weaknesses in execution of an obstacle and gave me tools to help myself as well as my horse. I was able to improve my obstacle work by following the clear directions that included video lessons. The instruction analyzed my posted videos along with the supportive online community.
Try it you will like it!"

Program Starts June 1st, 2020

Your purchase today also includes the following 3 Bonuses

  •  Bonus #1: One years access to the Do It Yourself Working Equitation online course mentioned above, including diagrams and videos. It shows you how to use a very limited set of equipment and minimal space to practice many of the Working Equitation obstacles. You don't need to have them all to get started now.    A $49 value.
  • Bonus #2: Video assessment of problem areas. In addition to asking questions in the community about the lessons, sometimes it's just easier to show me. During the initial 4 week program, you can submit 10 short videos of the obstacles we are working on, or a related problem, which we will also discuss in the community.   That's a $200 value.
  • Bonus #3: The How & Why of Working Equitation Obstacles program is only the first section of the WE Curious program. If you're looking for a complete understanding of how to get from where you are now, to a successful first show, or more successful next show, then the full 'Working Equitation Curious' program will do just that. By joining the How and Why of WE Obstacles program today, you also become a Founding Member of 'WE Curious'.  All additions and upgrades to the full program during the year will be included as they become available.  At present a $297 value.

All this is yours, for a one time Founders price of

$546  $197USD

Any questions? We've got answers! Get in touch

If you purchased before today thank you,  you will also get all the bonuses.


As this is the beta edition of this program, your input and questions will help to guide further development.

The course is under construction while it's running and the contents beyond the basic framework will reflect what you need.

The course is currently being designed to work through in 4 weeks, and then repeat, so it's ongoing.

In summary, you are signing up as a founding member of the How &Why of WE Obstacles.
Which at it's core is an interactive introduction to training or improving your WE Obstacle work.
It includes a community and video assessments.
But will, as it develops, become much more depending on the needs of the participants.
It is also the first section to be offered, of the WE Curious program, which you will also become a Founding member of.
As an added bonus you also get the course, Do It Yourself WE, that shows you how to simplify and simulate the obstacles used and includes videos of errors to watch out for to enable you to assess your own videos.
If you have any questions, you can contact me below.

Deanna Durst

New Hampshire, USA


"... far exceeded any
expectations. I connected so many
dots in what was missing from
several years of lessons. Incredibly
grateful to you, Trish, for the time &
dedication you’ve given to us "

Beth Rudy

Wisconsin , USA


""The incremental bits to break down the movements, that expose the holes in my communication, within the partnership;
It's me that needs the training, to better support his movement, when we're together. Thank you for all the incremental steps, the attention to detail and the honest & candid Calling me out what you see and sharing it with me, to learn from these bits. REALLY enjoying this work""

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