One Obstacle, Five Days,
Boundless Benefits Challenge

Are You Looking For Something Fun To Do?
Could Your Horse Use Improvement in their:

  • balance?
  • suppleness?
  • accuracy?
  • rhythm and tempo?
  • long-term health?

In the One Obstacle, Five Days, Boundless Benefits Challenge While working on a Single Slalom pattern, We Will:

  • Day 1 – Pinpoint The Problems
  • Day 2 - Build Up The Balance
  • Day 3 - Fix The Flexion
  • Day 4 - Add To Your Accuracy
  • Day 5 - Polish The Perfomance
    so you can Dance With Your Horse

My number one wish for you in 2020
is that you help your horse to be their best!

Know WHAT to work on.

Detailed PDF of each days exercises

Know HOW to work on it.

Video showing how & Why

Overcome Fear of Failure

Supportive community

Here’s the deal.      Your horse is counting on you!

The challenge will run for 5 days and starts on Feb 17th. 

Are you in?

Daily Video



The Challenge is over Now so Registration is closed, thank you for your interest.
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Challenge Details

  • The challenge is from February 17 – 21st. The content will be available until February 29th, and then I’ll be starting a new course with 18 obstacles. 
  • Each day you will be emailed your PDF and the link to the video of the days challenge.
  • The challenge is free.   All it costs is your time which you were going to spend with your horse anyway.
  • We’ll be hanging out in a private FB Group – So I can focus just on YOU the participants, and you can ask questions and get feedback in a safe community.. 

Each day will feature a 10-minute training video, a PDF to help you implement what you learn, and I'll be in the community to help you become clear on your next step.