Do you sometimes get on your horse and wonder ...

Or you Do have a plan, but it’s the same program day after day
so you and you’re horse are getting bored
and you're not even sure you're making progress.

What if you:

  •  could set up a simple station in just a few minutes that allowed you to practice 5, 6, even 9 different obstacles in one to reduce both boredom and anticipation?
  • were clear on what is required in an obstacle and what kind of errors to watch for?
  • could balance your phone on the fence to video yourself and accurately critique your own ride?

Have You Heard of Working Equitation?

It's a Multi-phase, 
Multi-discipline event,
 originating in Europe. 

It demonstrates a working horse's ability to maneuver in the open
 as well as with finesse and speed in the two obstacle trials.
It sometimes includes a team Cow work phase as well.

Even if you are not interested in Working Equitation itself,  
doing the exercises at these simple stations is:

  •  just plain good training for your horse
  • a way of measuring progress
  • and it's fun!

Would You Like to Try Working Equitation?

Maybe You Have but Can't Practice because there is:

- NO ROOM for a course

- NO MONEY for obstacles

- NO COACHES in your area

Do It Yourself Working Equitation is  

Your Ticket to Success

It's how Baybee and I went from green trail horse to Novice A Champion
at the 2017 WE United Nationals and A-rated show
with only a small arena and some miscellaneous objects to train with.

The 5 Simple Stations in
Do It Yourself Working Equitation
 allow you to 
Learn New Skills and Practice  Techniques, Almost Anywhere. 
The largest station only needs a 20'x20' area. You can even practice in a roundpen.

Each simple to make station has multiple uses and includes

Instructions, Diagrams and concise Captioned Videos

to show you what to do, and what can go wrong.

Because the videos are short you won’t have to spend a ton of time on your computer. Just watch the ones for the exercises you’d like to try, and you’re ready to ride!

Each Station also has it's own Printout to Take to the Barn so you know what to work on.

Learn to recognize errors by watching the short videos.
More Than 75 

Watch and re-watch.

Discuss In The Community,

or Be Your Own Coach.

Video yourself and Apply the skills you learned watching the videos to 
Assess Your Own Ride
So You Know WHAT to Work On Next

Yes You Can Train Your Own Horse!

Do It Yourself Working Equitation will help you to
Establish the Correct Basics.

For less than the cost of one lesson you get
Lifetime Access with Free Updates.

Lifetime Access
One Time Fee  $49