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Course Design Camp

4 Modules 10 Chapters 9 Lessons

About this course

The program for people who like to design and ride Working Equitation obstacle courses.

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Course Structure

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1 Chapter

Module 1

Pre-course work.

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Welcome "Expectations and guidelines to get the most out this course" 3 Lessons

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3 Chapters

Module 2

Intro to platform, the arena and obstacles

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Course Design Camp Officially Begins 2 Lessons

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Introduction to Arena and Obstacles 3 Lessons

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Course Map Creation Program Part 1 1 Lesson

3 Chapters

Module 3

Technical and Environmental aspects of Horse and Obstacles


Additional Considerations 0 Lessons

Horse Considerations 0 Lessons

Line Challenges 0 Lessons

3 Chapters

Module 4

Complete Courses and Levels

Riders, Rules and Levels 0 Lessons

Course Map Creation Program Part 3 0 Lessons

Where's Carto? 0 Lessons