Course Design Camp
& Rider Strategy

Do you want or need to Design an excellent
 Working Equitation Obstacle Course?

Are you wondering the best way to Ride a
 Working Equitation Obstacle Course?

Course Designers

Design courses that
flow and ride well.


Understand the best
route for your horse.

Show Officials

Set up a course from
 someone else's map.

You've come to the right place.

Course Design Camp
This course is for you if:

  • You Want to Design Courses that horses and riders Love to Ride.
  • You Want to make sure your designs are Safe, Legal and Challenging.
  • You want to understand the best way to ride a course and improve your designs.

Rider Strategy Camp
This course is for you if:

  • You want a better understanding of the rules related to WE Course Riding
  • You​ want to understand exactly what the course designer expected.
  • You don't have time to travel but DO Have internet and a computer.

Without a well designed obstacle course
and a plan to ride it,

  • Judges have a harder time Judging;
  • Show organizers are unsure where to place obstacles;
  • and Most importantly;

Riders And Horses
Get Discouraged

Has this happened to you?

You've designed a course for a show, 
or set up a few obstacles to practice on.

Then this thought goes through your mind
as the horse navigates the course;

How do I know that?  

When I started out,
that also happened to me!

and my horse wasn't too happy.

But that's not all that happens...

Riders talk .
Judges talk.
Even the spectators talk

  What are they saying about your course?  

Did they like the course? Or not!
Did someone set it up wrong?
Was there a last minute adjustment needed
and it messed up your plan?

We all want our riders and horses to feel successful
and enjoy Working Equitation
no matter what level they ride.

So How Would You Feel:

  • If you were more clear on the requirements of each level?
  • If you were more clear on what the horse is capable of at each level?
  • If you got lots of design and/or 'riding' practice and feedback, before the big day?
  • If you knew how to adjust your map, or your ride, before you had to?
  • If you could almost guarantee the course would be built as you had designed it on paper?

How Can You Accomplish This?

The answer is:
Course Design Camp!

What Will You Find at Your
Course Design and Rider Strategy Camp?

A Growing

Your course never really ends.
Although this course takes place over 4 weeks, you are welcome to join in future  Course Design Camp sessions and learn some more.

available when
 you need it

Time is at a premium for horse owners.
Study when it suits you during the 4 weeks and don't worry, you retain access after the course to both the lessons and the community.

A Supportive

Have a question. Help is only a message away. As we work through this course as a group, and later in the community, I will be there to answer your questions.

who is your instructor? 

International Coach and Clinician
National and International Top 10 Competitor
Technical Delegate and

Judge of Working Equitation

This course is not for you if:

  • You're not able to commit to doing and submitting the weekly assignments as much of the learning value of this course comes from the sharing of different perspectives.
  • You're looking for training advice rather than technical advice (but do check out my other programs on this site).
  • You're looking for how to work the obstacle itself, beyond the basics and approach and departure lines (see previous comment). 
  • However, there's still lots here for you regarding the best strategy and lines to benefit your horse's level of training.

Our Promises

My Commitment to You

I Pledge To:

  • Make available all the resources at my disposal, including my time, to help you on your journey to become an excellent WE course creator so that future riders and horses learn and progress with the level appropriate challenges you design.
  • Keep the community a safe space. No negativity or meanness will be tolerated.

Your Commitment to You

You Agree To:

  • Participate fully in the weekly assignments. Offering your opinion without criticism and accepting the opinions of others knowing that we are all there for similar reasons and that we can all learn from each other's perspective.
  • Help keep the community a safe space by treating everyone the way you'd like to be treated.

This 4-week, interactive course develops your understanding through:

  • practical lessons on video, with transcripts
  • quizzes, course map analysis and discussions
  • amazing ongoing support and community
  • In addition, if you are in the Course Design Camp you get: course map designing with free online course map builder.

  This course is about learning by doing, it's not just theory.  

Trish has pulled together information and technology in a way that makes it incredibly useful for show managers, riders, trainers, judges, etc.

The timing of the offering of this course was perfect as I was about to put on a schooling show and was worried about the courses.
Coming from the jumper and equitation world I've often been disappointed in the courses in WE that we have shown on and with the maps that are used that are not to scale.

Trish has pulled together information and technology in a way that makes it incredibly useful for show managers, riders, trainers, judges, etc.
 As a trainer or rider, the methods and practice of 'running' through your course on paper and working out different tracks is critical to gaining points in EOH and shaving time in Speed.

As a show manager, the maps to scale saves major amounts of time when setting especially if you have a team of volunteers.
Lastly, the formulas in the course time spread sheet can help avoid timing disasters if you inadvertently make a course too long and you have limited daylight at the beginning of the season.

Christy Reich El Campeon Farms Thousand Oaks, California

Course Design & Rider Strategy

Rider Strategy, Upgrade Later

As a WE competitor and licensed official candidate, I found Trish Hyatt’s 'Course Design Camp' to be amazingly beneficial and fun!

I went into the camp thinking that I might not be any good at designing courses since there are SO many things to think about. By the end, I was feeling much more confident in my ability to design rideable courses, adapt courses as needed based on restrictions that may come up, and very importantly: accurately GRID my courses so that I know what to expect when it comes time to set them!

Furthermore, from the perspective of a rider and future judge, I gained a lot from considering how the courses should change as we go up the levels, and how they might need to be ridden or judged differently, accordingly. Thanks so much Trish for putting this course together!! I highly recommend it to anyone involved with working equitation, whether you’re a competitor, a judge/TD, a course designer or a show manager. There is a lot to learn!

Eleanor Thomas
Round Lake, Illinois

Eleanor Thomas and Comandante (Andalusian stallion)

Course Design & Rider Strategy

Rider Strategy, Upgrade Later


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