Minimum Space, Maximum Fun!

What is it?

A Multi-phase, Multi-cultural, Multi-discipline event originating in Europe that demonstrates a working horse's ability to maneuver in the open as well as with finesse and speed in the two obstacle trials. It sometimes includes a team Cow work phase as well.

Would You Like to Try Working Equitation?

Maybe You Have but Can't Practice because there is:

- NO ROOM for a course

- NO MONEY for obstacles

- NO COACHES in your area

Working Equitation Simplified is  Your Ticket to Success

The 4 Stations in WE Simplified allow you to
Practice your Skills and Techniques, Almost Anywhere.
The largest station only needs a 40'x40' area. You can even practice in a roundpen.

Each station has multiple uses and includes

Instructions, Diagrams and concise Captioned Videos

to show you what to do, and what can go wrong.

Each Station also has it's own Printout to Take to the Barn so you know what to work on.

Learn to recognize errors by watching
More Than 75 

Watch and re-watch.

Discuss In The Community,

or ​Be Your Own Coach.

Video yourself and Apply the skills you learned watching the video​s to 
Assess Your Own Ride.

Yes You Can Train Your Horse!
Working Equitation Simplified will help you to
Establish the Correct Basics.

​For less than the cost of one lesson you get Lifetime Access with Free Updates.

Lifetime Access
One Time Fee  $47

If you're a Coach looking to Supplement Your Income and
Progress Your Students between lessons?

Or a Riding Club looking for a Fund Raising Opportunity?

Sign up for the full program, check it out,
then contact me to learn about becoming an affiliate partner.